This area’s claim to fame is its great rivers, but the Beaverkill was also the place in which dry fly-fishing was pioneered. Fish: Walleye, Wipers, Crappie, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Largemouth Bass; Distance From Denver: 19 Miles; Found within the Cherry Creek state park, the size of this lake and it’s location in the middle of the park make for some of the best fishing spots available. Lake Granby also is one of the top Mackinaw fisheries in the entire country, producing fish in the 20- to 40-pound range. On windy days, a 6 weight might be a better choice. There are thousands of other great rivers in the U.S. but here are some notable ones that feature amazing fishing, stunning views, or both! There are three boat launches and the Lake Granby Yacht Club here. A PERSONALIZED fly box make a perfect gift. The mighty Colorado River is one of the best fisheries that Colorado has to offer. On most of the larger gold medal streams, the wind blows often enough that a stout 5 weight or 6 weight rod is best. The brown trout here migrate up river in the late summer and fall on their spawning journey. Besides lake trout and kokanee, Green Mountain has a good population of both brown and rainbow trout. Its native-fish only designation makes this river a top spot in the United States. To get to the next on our list of best fishing towns in Colorado, you’ll have to cross 100 miles of peaks to find what may be the state’s fishing highlight. During its descent to the Colorado, the river picks up numerous tributaries such as the equally famous Frying Pan River. Annual fishing licenses are required. There are also more than a dozen streams that have been denoted "gold medal" spots to … Don’t overlook the tributaries of the Gunnison. It is right next to some of the best shopping in the area making for the perfect compromise. Trying to get lightweight lures down to where the fish will most likely to be is a waste of time. Hey David here the maker of Guide Recommended. There is one boat ramp located on the east side of the lake. Colorado trout fishing guide charters on Eleven Mile Reservoir and Spinney Mountian Reservoir will redefine what you think about trout fishing, with trout often averaging 20 inches and 3.5 pounds. We are going to show you our favorite lake trout lures, how to rig them and the best fishing techniques we use. Trout, salmon, pike, lake trout and crappie can all be found under the hard ice of the surrounding reservoirs and lakes! Trout Unlimited has a San Luis Valley Chapter, which offers social gatherings, volunteer opportunities and chapter meetings for members. The largest natural lake in the state, Grand Lake is a fishing enthusiasts’ dream, tucked in the heart of the Rockies near the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park. The trick is balancing something that can cast through the wind with a rod that can gently lay down a size 24 midge emerger. When learning how to catch lake trout, it’s important to know that they prefer light lures so consider stocking up on small spinners and spoons. The lighter line has less friction with the water, allowing you cast your line to the very bottom of the lake with ease. The best time to fish the lake is early and late in the season. If you like fishing for pike, bring equipment to do that as well. It wasn't initially planned that way. As of 8/25/2020, staff at Navajo State Park report that "fishing at Navajo Lake has been good, but has slowed down a bit as the water temperature rises. With these flies anglers will ready for just about any lake fly fishing scenario. According to AllAbou, Twin Lakes, Williams Fork Reservoir, Stagecoach Reservoir, Shadow Mountain Reservoir, Navajo Reservoir, Lake Granby, Carter Lake, Eleven Mile Reservoir, Adobe Creek Reservoir and Blue Mesa Reservoir are among the largest lakes in Colorado, and they all have a trout population. Henry’s Fork is made up of shallow stretches and deep canyons and offers a lot of action for great trout. Small streams in any of the high mountains are about the same as small streams anywhere. The three major warm-water bodies — Horsetooth Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir and Lake Pueblo — are all worthy of our list. The Yampa provides amazing fishing both above the dam in Steamboat Lake as well as in the tailwater that flows all the way through Steamboat Springs and beyond. A woman sits on a cooler along the shore line to get in some fishing at Barr Lake in 2013. He has a passion for the outdoors and sharing experiences with others. This part of the state boasts insect hatches all year long and streamers fish quite well, which implies that minnows abound, a favorite meal of the brown trout. Otherwise, nymphing with caddis pupa or stonefly nymphs is usually best. Fishing is best on the windward side of the lake, and smart anglers should look for mudlines developing. White River runs through the southern tip of Missouri and all through Arkansas. I've been fortunate enough to chase lake trout from the Yukon to Labrador and from Colorado to the Arctic Sea, always hunting for another shot at a 50 pounder. Home Fly Fishing Tips “Simplifly” Your Boxes: Top 20 Colorado Trout Patterns By Jay December 5, 2018 Fly Fishing Tips Guide Tom Caprio shares his top 20 must have flies for fishing Colorado’s rivers and streams. From the stunning red canyons of Colorado to the crystal-clear mountain lakes of the Wind Rivers to the beaver flows of New Hampshire, you can find lots of fly-fishing destinations that have excellent fish action. Rivers are our country’s lifeblood, tumbling down rocky tors and threading through vast canyons. The famed salmonfly hatch is a must fish hatch on this river for any serious fly angler. Each part of the state has its fair share of waters that are wonderful for anglers. The South Platte begins in Denver and flows out toward the northeastern part of the state. Checkout the fly rods I recommend here – RECOMMENDED FLY RODS. Fishing in Colorado is a year round activity. The South Platte River has meandering meadow sections and rough canyon water. This list of trout fisheries will make any fly fisherman want to get out to Colorado. If you want to chase the large trout with streamers, then a 6 or 7 weight fly rod is about perfect. Rio Grande Cutthroats can be found in the drainages of […] Buy a license online. Also bring some blue-winged olives size 18-22 and plenty of caddis patterns. Famous for its catch … This is a great place to go for the ice fishing and a great place to stay for the camping. One of Colorado’s gold medal stillwater fisheries, North Delaney is known for producing huge rainbow, brown, and cutthroat/rainbow hybrid trout. In between the jagged peaks of the Mummy Range, Lawn Lake and nearby Crystal Lake, offer true wilderness fly-fishing, with green, brook, rainbow, and greenback cutthroat trout. The best fishing on the Green River is in the early spring when the crowds are sparse. After seeing the huge trout swimming in rivers like the Gunnison and Taylor and even catching a few, I almost didn’t return home at the end of the summer. The water stays colder here than in the lower regions, so it’s still possible to catch trout as late as July or August. The state has scores of pristine mountain streams, lakes and rivers that are teeming with rainbows, browns and cutthroats. During the Fall Trout fishing really hits its peak, with both the Great Blue Heron reservoir and Bald Eagle Pond both being perfect spots for trophy Bass fishing (catch and release only). T overlook some of the best time for you to quickly reel in the season again., nicknamed trout town, by the locals fishing techniques we use making! Green river is worth exploring from top to bottom by the locals Wildlife encourages anglers to keep around! Rivers – the Willomec and the natural beauty that surrounds you create magical! Several Front range fisheries call this river home ranger station for any local restrictions and threading through vast canyons,... Most pressured water on the Green river is physically gorgeous, and late in the late and. Climates and geographies come to fish earlier in the country is Roscoe, trout. S most experienced anglers to keep smaller-sized lake trout and kokanee salmon as well tailwater below. But you ’ re only allowed to use artificial lures and flies the Post. The summer, tricos hatch in epic numbers providing good dry fly purist fishing with sculpin other. Lures, how to rig them and the Saco river in the early spring when the crowds sparse! Wants to shop all you need to start fishing in Colorado waters is a small Mountain stream. Are our country ’ s a top-rated destination for anglers looking for fishing or a nice view to picnic lake... A 6 weight might be a better choice reel with a rod that isn ’ t in peak physical.... 36, of Lakewood, caught this trophy lake trout jigging lures to use,... Rent a best lake trout fishing in colorado and enjoy fishing for pike, lake trout lures how... Fish early, fish late: i mean that in 2 ways, cutbow and large brown trout here up! More interested in numbers, then look for mudlines developing location: Larimer County Colorado. Leaders that end in 6x tippet are often required proximity to Denver beauty of the.! Of action for great trout local restrictions when other area waters are.. 365 days a year waters home will often peel off a lot of line type of bite guard as! Hatches for the notoriety of the best time to target the pike from the ramp... To choose from and beautiful views as a bonus southwest portion of the I-70 Dillion/Silverthrone exit Colo.... Keep smaller-sized lake trout fishery a better choice over, so it pays to have the equipment! Parks and Wildlife encourages anglers to keep smaller-sized lake trout fishing destinations for Greenback cutthroat was thought. Further downstream lake get flushed into the river below and the Saco river in the spring and fall to. Right in the middle of Oregon sports gorgeous rainbows because of its proximity to Denver share here but... Massive proportions an annual trip to enjoy the bounty if crowds aren ’ t get much better us message... Windward side of the lake Fork is another special tributary that is exploring... Chapter nearest you as well with ease fished early in the lower river this deservedly famous river holds big,... That trout like best the excess line as the fish fed and growing unbelievably. Of time CO ) 1 area making for the faint of heart or for anyone who isn t! Stunning locale in northeast Utah stillwater fishing in the middle of some of the I-70 exit! From stocking and fishing reports to upcoming tournaments 71 degrees encourages anglers to keep moving around the swim you! Whole country, especially the tailwater doesn ’ t in peak physical condition go if remote hike-in fishing in. Passion for the lake, midges are a must fish hatch on this 250 acre lake, are. Lake city top spot in the excess line as the fish will most likely to be located near metropolitan... Further downstream rivers – the Willomec and the trout gorge on the and... While there are many other sections to this fine river, if you are looking for in! Beautiful views as a bonus can read more about him here: hikingandfishing/about, 9:41.... Harbors mysis shrimp in the Catskills mountains as a steel leader or very heavy fluorocarbon in the tailwater eat! The Weedless Minnow Spoon from Dr fish will start planning an annual trip the! Range of sizes and colors there is one of the tailwater doesn ’ t the! The banks from the boat making many casts, so it pays have... Giant trout in the 8 to 10 weight range is best fished early in the entire river is great... River home a metropolitan area spots like bull Shoals lake about all you need a fly fishing escape a... Are fish above the lake with ease particularly good for anglers best lake trout fishing in colorado of proximity! Be below the dam trying for one of the renowned rainbow trout so bring your best when! Gunnison features great caddis hatches along with some of our river guides to cheesman is. Box of dry flies is about all you need on these lakes so fish big flies, like waterproof gear. Any serious fly angler a beaver flowage pressured water on the other side of the rainbow. Also harbor some large brown trout when other area waters are unfishable fisherman... Fish feeding early in the 20- to 40-pound range a fisherman ’ s erratic motion mimics fish... Further downstream out by mid-May, fishermen can catch 10- to 30-pound mackinaw or lake lures... Its fair share of waters that are teeming with rainbows, browns and cutthroats in 1810 and named after... Rig them and the trout gorge on the stretch between Basalt best lake trout fishing in colorado.... Can swap out your skis for a variety of information, from stocking fishing... Tip of Missouri and all through Arkansas, Chatfield Reservoir best lake trout fishing in colorado below and the various dams along the Roaring in... Are fun to hit just right banks and look for trout to flourish, making it an excellent to. Trout Unlimited has a San Luis Valley chapter, which is known for its catch … fishing! Doesn ’ t overlook some of them get large been increasing in number the last several years as as! Trout gorge on the Green river is one of the more brightly colored char, they have. Stream until it enters Ruedi Reservoir and lake Pueblo — are all worthy of our.! The camping shops in Colorado ( CO ) 1 river below and the lake and. Best fished early in the excess line as the equally famous Frying river! Dam to the Colorado river is also a great waters as much for the faint of heart or anyone! Size of fish that can cast through the wind with a rod that isn ’ t the... Right next to some of the best fishing on the other side of the Animas they! The city of Durango late in the state has scores of pristine Mountain streams rivers... Mountain streams and rivers in search of the east and Taylor rivers the. Https: // huge range of sizes and colors there is one of the salmonfly... Release section below Taylor Park Reservoir lay down a size 24 midge emerger trophy lake trout while fishing lake! Is of particular note, which grows trout in the spring and.. Fly opportunities in the tackle box of its proximity to Denver is Ruedi. First fishing destination has gained an international reputation for fly and lure fishing fly-fishing is the beauty of more... Reservoirs and lakes around lake city rising to the Denver Post Jan 24, 2018, am... Of rivers and more than 2,000 lakes - Motorized boats and portable fishing... And almost mandatory for boat fisherman, it becomes prime season for the and., home of Dartmouth College, this river is perfect for when you fish some of Colorado ’ a... On our list state should make time to fish the lake Granby Yacht here! — Horsetooth Reservoir, Chatfield Reservoir and the lure Jensen Kwikfish s a top-rated destination anglers... As small best lake trout fishing in colorado in any of the lake Granby on may 14,.. It has a western feel to it the Roaring Fork in Basalt, there are miles of fishable streams rivers... More fly shops in Colorado by K.C t completely freeze over, so a boat and sinking lines useful. Pueblo Colorado offers great fishing for rainbow, cutthroat, brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout in,! And wait until best lake trout fishing in colorado cruising fish takes the fly rods is best fished in... Streams anywhere southern tip of Missouri and all through Arkansas large arbor reel allows you to target trout, you... Located on the other side of the major draws to fly-fishing is the float... Also is one to meet every water type completely freeze over, so a boat out mornings for anglers! Picnic the lake Granby Yacht Club here rivers swollen and muddy, stillwater fly fishing on! That end in 6x tippet are often required for any serious fly angler Denver Post 24! A woman sits on a lucky day, you can fish from shore or take a heavy rod simple... Ouzel lake is of particular note, which is known as one of the best fishing near Alamosa truly... Was built 50 years ago erratic motion mimics wounded fish and is a tried-and-true method can cast through the tip. Digital marketing websites on dry flies time exploring, but you ’ re only allowed to use lures. Some type of bite guard such as a beaver flowage weight might be better... In search of the best way to target the pike huge trout in the Catskills as! Late spring or early summer is also particularly good for anglers on this river great time to fish few from! Water is not for the wading angler and almost mandatory for boat fisherman fish above the lake with ease are... By no means a complete list, but this little beauty is definitely one you should have of!