Squirrel. H) Water vole. Photo: G. Bradley Mink is same colour all over, except for a white chin, whilst otter has a paler underside. 8: Stay aware. There is evidence that in certain parts of the UK the otter is extending its range and may be increasing locally. Shop | As otters are highly mobile and wide ranging, assessment of development impact on otters may need to take account of watercourses beyond the immediate development footprint. Some toes and the webs may not be visible. Long slender body and long thick tapering tail. Be on the lookout for footprints displaying four toes as these may point you to where the otters are. Go back 2006 G. Bradley. Otter Shropshire Wildlife Trust's Otter Project uses camera traps to search for otters on the River Severn, and the Canal & River Trust is seeking volunteers to help survey otters on the waterways of Birmingham. Like other mustelids, otter feet have 5 toes, claws, and a C-shaped palm pad. Otter has a broader muzzle and is larger than a cat. J) Dog. google_ad_height = 600; This kit comes with two beautiful hand drawn baby otter prints. They have five toes on their feet and short claws that give their prints a pointed look. E) Shrews. | News | Advertise It's rare to see a complete otter track like this unless the ground is very Sometimes only 4 toes show in the track, and sometimes the substrate (the snow, sand, mud, etc.) Design by Fingerprint Digital Media. Otter droppings, or spraints, are often used to mark territory – look for them along the river bank or on rocks. Jessica has been lucky enough to observe otters at a river by her home in Dorset, using camera traps to … The otter’s droppings are known as spraint and otters use them to mark their territories How to recognise In the UK otters can only really be confused with the introduced American mink, but otters are much larger (95-130cm in length, including tail), with a distinctive white throat.

Otter footprints have five toes and are webbed, with quite a wide pad.
Otter is a smart note-taking app that empowers you to remember, search, and share your voice conversations. 6: NEVER BAIT AREAS OR OTTERS. G) Hedgehogs. The large, round prints (5-7cm in width, 6-9cm in length) are often pushed deep into the clay providing clear ID field signs. 1455136 Charity No. Contributors
google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Subscribe to our mailing list and receive regular e-bulletin packed full of mammal news and ways you can get involved with mammal conservation. Dark brown coat, compared to otter’s lighter mid-brown coat. An otter survey would typically involve a systematic search for evidence of otter presence along a watercourse.
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Claw marks are rarely visible, and usually merge with the toe pad. PROSIECT ADFER LYGOD DWY YNG NGHYMRU/ WATER VOLE RESEARCH PROJECT. See if you can match the footprint to its owner below? River Otter . Doing so may change otter behaviour patterns and will be VERY detrimental to the species.