Searched Google for answer to same problem. Would hammer when spinning. Could not have done it without this site :), Oh bugger didn't find this site until after i broke it now leaking and need new bit. Next, unscrew the pump cover and fluff filter. bosch classixx 7 washing machine, I need to clean the filter but it is stuck so I can't unscrew it. Print page before using information supplied via this website. At first, reading posts, I thought I was going to have to replace the brushes, which I wasn't relishing (being a bit girlie about these things). Jammed-shut filter was then freed and able to be cleaned. Manuals for the category Bosch Washing Machines. Unclipped tube, cleared out gunk. I have a Bosch Classixx (bought in 2010). You saved me the cost of a call out fee for a job I could do myself. Did slightly break filter as wouldn't come out :-( Then found this page! Thanks for the terrific advice. Just tried mine ( Bosch WFL 2872)exactly the same couldnt undo front drain cover tipped it on its side , removed pipe and found bra wire and hair grip , put it back together and drain cap opened straight away ! I found this excellent website and read out the instructions and hey presto one nail (his) and one hairgrip (mine). These categories may also be of interest ... Household Appliances, StairliftsHousehold Appliances, Steam CleanersHousehold Appliances, Steam IronsHousehold Appliances, Tumble DryersHousehold Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners Full list. In the end I had to disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses, remove the motor housing and clean out the gunk and coins/sticks/hair etc by hand. Problem solved by turning machine on it's side and removing hose from filter. removed black hose, but still unable to screw filter off. The AntiVibration design in a Bosch washing machine comes with spiral sidewalls and enhanced insulation that reduce vibrations during the spin cycle and prevents from shaking when in action. Unplug the washing machine from the electricity. professional. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified Baseplate reattached with duct tape - everyone happy. Simple. My washing machine was making a horrendous noise every time it drained, then on one wash stopped draining altogether and the light was flashing. Dead simple with these instructions. If you have a Bosch washing machine please help urgently! Simply turn the machine over remove the hose and clear the obstruction (two bra wires !!) No paper clips bra wires or anything inside, just solid grey scale which I slowly hacked out with a screwdriver. With the filter blocked my machine would not drain. A bit fiddly and messy as suggested by others but ultimately within the grasp of pretty much most people I would say. Do not waste your time trying to remove the filter from the front as you will only break it. Do I need to take off any panels? The SpeedPerfect™ mode provides up to 40% faster washing time. Turned the machine on its side, used my late Grandad's pliers to undo the clips, and hey presto! Try to include as much detail as possible. Clean it out properly put it back together and all woks. The second time It split the entire housing. costs nothing to use and you can ask a question without an account or logging in. Discover now. If clearing the pump didn’t help, you need to inspect the main … One other thing, the filter cover unscrews, it doesn't just come off with a half turn. (Only one screw holds the pump to the front panel at the bottom, accessed from outside). do i need to remove anything else under the machine. I couldn't undo the drain plug at all. :). Thanks to everyone on the forum for their help and advice. If you put the machine on its side or back you can remove the large drum drain hose to expose the pump drain inlet - it's held on with a spring clip. Mine was an Allen key ! repairs can be dangerous. i can confirm that this works on the bosch maxx WF02457DN. Finally, every wash came out so wet it took 2 passes through the dryer to dry the clothes and there was always soap residue on the clothes. Condensation, the new way to dry. Don’t just start stripping things down without thought. Measure the resistance of the heating element first, it should be between 38-46 ohm. thank you so much to everyone who has posted on here - you have saved my life!! Fan heater and indicators not working..!!? The Bosch Condensation Dryer uses an eco-friendly solution to gently dry clothes at an optimal temperature without the need of external ducting. Any further thoughts? I tried to undo the screw-plug thing for the filter but it wouldn't undo. slowly • The washing machine is in a room that is too cold. Does anyone know where to get a replacement cap? Will wait until tomrw to put on a wash, so fingers crossed! :-). Followed Gusman's instructions and cleared 4 years of gunk - disgusting! Pump cap jammed solid. Nothing to it. Was thus able to unscrew cap as usual. I had the same problem and worked at it so much I cracked the handle piece of the cap. I had to lean the washing machine on its side, undo the black rubber hose underneath and remove all the debris before I could unscrew the drain plug. Thanks for putting me on the right track.. Followed your instructions and found 2 new penny's and a sewing needle in the rubber pipe. Finally managed it by tipping onto its side, dislodged what turned out to be a screwdriver bit and opened with no force whatsoever. Thanks for your great answers as I (along with husband) just removed front panel, took black pipe off and removed a lot of hair,a $5 note(bits & pieces of one) which is plastic, hairclip and plastic pieces which come from a new shirt around collar. Can confirm my objects - a short pencil! Unscrew the filter cap anti-clockwise and slide it out. Not only saved me the callout fee, but total embarrassment of watching the mechanic pulling out the 14 brass collar stiffeners I found in the filter and tube......D'oh, My plumbing must be blocked as my sink does take a little while to empty so i put the actual outlet pipe in sink and hey presto the machine emptied. Don't try forcing it with pliers I've just snapped the edge off doing this. The offending 3inch screw then fell out of the pipe when I lent the machine on its opposite side. I bought a Samsung instead where the designers had the foresight to make the filter screw cap spin independently of the filter body, so it spins and unscrews if the body inside is jammed. Find your specific model and download the manual or view frequently asked questions. ... Ok sounds like a blocked filter or pump. The drum was turning, but it wouldn't do the final drain & spin. Learn more about out built-in and freestanding washing machines here. and reassemble. Mend - remove, leaking, fro. Hi I too have same problem. Mine was a 3" nail. No one seem to mention taking the bottom plate off, (8 screws). Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines, Household Appliances, Washing Machines (38996 other questions), There is more help available. We used pliers to release the spring clip on the hose to the pump and fished out a bra wire and two lollipop sticks that had jammed the filter. The more I did that the farther I could get it to turn. Mine was the Bosch WFL 2872 but I think the filter issues are common to all models. Him indoors was trying to force the filter housing. Bosch WAS32461GB Washer Error Codes. . My tip is to replace the spring clip - difficult to remove and absolutely impossible to get back on - with a screw clip - also called a jubilee clip. Page 26: Customer Service Now spins almost silently and best of all, NO LEAKS. In many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified To be fair, I couldn't have put the washing machine on it's side alone! If a washing machine is left for a long period of time without use the anti siphon ball can sometimes stick against the rubber hose this is just one reason why you should keep these pipes clean. not sure how to post a question so i have come in through the reply section ,sorry ! Same for me, a bra wire stuck in the motor and was jamming up the cover so it only moved 90 degrees. Only incurred an injured pinkie thanks to the sur-clip!! (Add your answer here. Can only reiterate the previous comments. The location of the filter is different depening on the model. 1 cold chisel and 1 mash hammer later i had the offeding kirby grips in my hand (thakyou daughter). We got £1.18 in change a Euro a pair of tweezers and a cotton bud stem. Replace in reverse order, done in 10 mins. I've tried pliers and manages to snap the handle... the filter cover turns but won't come out. Put everything back and now works like a dream! This must be a design fault to not be able to open a cap to clean when it gets blocked will be onto Bosch tomorrow. In stead of removing the pipe, I just turned the machine bckwards and hit the side of the machine (with my hand) to dislodge the offending items. Cleaning the filter in your washing machine is very easy. Opening the pump: I got the pump cap loosely between the jaws of a workmate and then rotated the whole pump body to get it open - really tough. I must remember to be more thorough checking pockets etc in future. Disconnect outlet hose and unplug wiring and the whole thing comes away. The I removed coins, wires from bras etc!. Solution – Open the flap - bottom right, Pull out the black nozzle, remove the plug & drain off any water stuck inside. I found no less than THREE bra wires, a Blackberry stylus a £1 coin and a 20p!! My Bosch regularly gets stuck like this and I have had to get the engineer to unblock it, usually when he's here for something else. All sorted now. You're all stars :) x. Bosch Exxcel, sorted. Eventually it came out. Turn off the washing machine. Mend - remove, pump, bosch, washing, machine. Thanks again everyone. Tilted the machine on its side and hey presto -the cap unscrewed. D505UF fridge how do you adjust the 8 hour timer? On side, spring clip off, one lonely sock removed, and cover then belatedly removed without difficuly. Thanks so much to you all. The pump cap would only move a half turn. Access was very fiddly from the front (but I knew he'd managed it). After gunk and matchsticks were removed, the cap unscrewed easily. The reason the cover can not be removed is because there are things stuck in the filter. So, now you can wash clothes even at night with a whisper-quiet Bosch Washing Machine. (Add your answer here. Any suggesion for DIY. I have a Bosch Avantixx and I had to turn it onto its side and then remove the back plate to reach inside and find the black tube and clip to remove. There has to be a cheaper model somewhere . Then unscrewed the larger clip and found another bra wire that was collecting gunge. Try to include as much detail as possible. The filter cover was jammed shut, locked into place by whatever was blocking the filter. but all in all easy and as described. I won't be buying Bosch again, it's now garbage. Superb advice! Page 25: What To Do If The lid remains locked during the entire time of the programme. Great and clear instructions. Many thanks for all the help on this forum. Bosch's 24 inch washing machines offer a sleek design in a compact size with a large capacity, accommodating up to 18 bath towels in single load. and it works. I have the same problem! Take the main hose off the bottom of the pump feel up the hose and pull out all the rubbish put your finger in the pump body pull out all the rubbish and the drain plug should unscrew. all sorted but we too had to order new filter due to over zealous plier useage! Ditto for the other responses. How to Remove Coins Stuck Inside a Front-Load Washer. . Thanks for all the advice below! Good news is machine is now working and saved a call out fee. It is like that on all the progra … read more All programs are working perfectly!PaulOct 2020. thank you! It was also easier to push out the bottom front panel from the back and then get to the tube that way to put it back. I found one on amazon for $65!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your help. One screw to remove the lower fascia (and push it to the right to unlock it) and another screw to remove the whole pump. Couldn't get the base off but took all 11 screws out of the back and sorted it from there. Unscrew the water supply and lay a towel under it. A guy on another site used wd40 and a hammer. DIY repair of Bosch Washing Machine How to repair the drain pump, filter, and pressure switch in Bosch Washing Machine. Dead easy!!!!!!! it is a good idea to put your washing machine on a hot wash once a month to dissolve any muck in the machine or unused detergent. Close the washing machine door properly; laundry may be caught. Saved me a fortune!! You may find obstructions in the filter such as coins, buttons or a build-up of lint. Shame Bosch don't bother to tell you anywhere on their site. I hate getting tradesmen out who charge per 15 minutes! The filter now unscrews and comes out the way it should for much easier cleaning. £80 saved and 46p found- along with bra wires and various bits of rubbish. This is the most invaluable site. I had to remove the back and remove the pump and hoses. Print page before using information supplied via this website. Couldn't undo the drainage plug, thus as suggested turned washing machine on left side and removed the drainage pump inlet hose. Unscrew the water supply and lay a towel under it. We've got the Bosch Logixx 8. First, unplug the washing machine and make sure that there is no power to it. Thank you! Then lay on the floor and get both arms through the machine to the pump at the front. Ours had coins, toothpicks, paperclip and lollipop sticks! If there is definitely something stuck and it is making a noise when the drum turns (and you have taken off the drive belt to ensure that the noise is definitely coming from the drum and not a fault on the motor) then something probably needs to be done. Then measure the resistance of the temperature sensor, it should be around 5.5k ohm at 20 degrees celsius and around 1.2k ohm at 60 degrees celsius. I saved myself a $140 service call and four days of waiting to use the laundry thanks to all of you. Reassembled it and it works a treat. same symptom after start wash. Service man coming by and said it the control PCB and quoted a repair charges of $380.00. Thank you all so much!! Ensure you have read our Small Tip the machine on its side and undo the pipe/filter and remove objects w/needle nose pliers or something thin. Had same problem, turned machine on back and removed the large drum drain hose which exposed the pump drain inlet - it's held on with a spring clip. What you need to do is either pull the washer out and lower the drain hose into a bucket and gravity will drain the water out. I have the Bosch Logixx 8, which indicated an "F-18" fault (pump / filter block issue) and was not draining. Simples! Fantastic advice - thank you so much!! So I'm in profit. Pulled off the drain hose and there was the offending article which was jamming the drain motor as well as the cover. Then the object can be removed with a couple of fingers - in my case a hair grip. Other than removing that, follow the same advice. hi, i had the same problem, the filter cover would only turn about 90 degrees...... and not go any further...... the answer was to remove the pump which was quite easy, switch off the power, tilt the machine back so that you can see the pump, remove the plastic panel at the bottom of the machine held in by 1 torque screw ( requires a t20 torque screwdriver) then undo the torque screw holding the pump you can then remove the electrical connector, then you can remove the two spring clips with your pliers and you will be able to tip the hairgrips coins or whatever else is trapped in the pump.......THEN you will be able to remove the filter.....HURRAH!! Once this was off, I had access to remove the black hose from the pump/filter and could fish out the hairclips and other coins etc. Now need new filter cap as broke this one with pliers trying to force it off before I came across this forum :-(. So only thing was to tilt the machine and access the pump. Most common reason for E1 error on Bosch washing machine is a faulty heating element. 5 hair pins, a $2 coin and a bra wire later - its running great and saved a call out fee. And wolla! It worked for me too, great advice, many thanks. ), (Enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.). However, machine still leaked on the next run. the washing machine would not spin and I couldn't remove the head of the filter as it had been opened so many times by a washing machine guy in the past and was broken. Feeling very proud of myself as my husband-to-be held my engagement ring whilst I did my best Ted Glen impression! ), (Enter your name as you wish it to be displayed.). We forget to remove the water from the drum before we turned the machine on its side thus had a bit of a flood. It works! One had a meaty metal spring clip holding it on. MY BOSCH WASHING MACHINE IS STUCK ON SPIN HOLD HOW DO I RESET THE MACHINE - Answered by a verified UK Appliance Technician. Thanks in advance. Put it back together and all working great now. Dont even waste your time trying to remove filter from the front if it is not releasing easily on 1st attempt. This did used to be possible, so I'm not trying to break it. Thanks - I could only turn the blue filter cap 90 degrees and despite getting some real leverage with wrenches etc I was only bending the plastic. Machine all fixed - now empties properly and therefore spins properly. Don’t just dive in and start taking the washing machine apart. I could unscrew it and pull out slightly anticlockwise to drain the water, but couldn't actually pull out the whole 'plug' bit. Thank you ! Water will come out onto the towel you have laid down. Check the hose and standpipe. Washing machine filter is blocked Washing machine is leaking Washing machine drum is not turning: Washing machine door is not opening or closing Washing machine vibrates and moves ... Bosch engineers are here to provide expert repairs for your appliances both inside and outside of warranty. What a stupid design the coins jam the drain plug from unscrewing. We found approx 15 hair pins, a shoe lace, a hair clip and a lollipop stick. The filter cap then rotated easily. Did the same for our Classixx 1400 which was working but had a stuck filter screw and a sludge build-up. I have just read what the others had written about not being able to remove filter cover as I couldn't remove ours after the F-18 came up on screen. definitely saved a call out and the wife is now happy again. Bosch front load washing machines are available as either freestanding or built-in solutions - installed in the bathroom, kitchen or basement. Thanks for the original thread and answers - encouraged me to do it myself. Ensure you have read our Small Detergent solution pump blocked; Clean the detergent solution pump. It's all clear now, just need to put it back together. Its an old Bosch WFK2801. If its not undoing it's possible you have something like a coin stuck in the filter. Our two year old Axxis laundry had been going downhill for some time. Have never been so thrilled to load up my washing machine!! The front filter on our WFL2260 was stuck so turned machine on side & removed the inlet pipe - offending items removed - bobbi pin & garden wire & hey presto the filter finally unscrewed!! Turned the machine on its side and followed the instructions on this page and after pulling out 3 hair clips, 2 pins, 1 coin and alot of mess I got the cap open. Tilting didn't loosen the filter screw cap, but we turned it on its side to access the underneath. Our 'blocker' was rusty nail! See more. Turns out, after reading the instructions on here, I had a blocked filter (3 small coins, 2 hair grips and 1/2 a pipe cleaner!!) Turned out there was a gigantic rusty hair grip blocking the pump cover removal. Dear All, I do not have a problem with the filter, but now the machine shut-down on me after 5 minutes of washing. Mend Household Appliances, Washing Machines, Household Appliances, Washing Machines (38996 other questions), Related questions - remove, pump, bosch, washing, machine, There is more help available. There was my very rusty bra wire in the concertina part of the rubber grey filter pipe! I dumped this washing machine after this happened twice and I forced the filter. Turn off the … Other users of provide the answers. repairs can be dangerous. have ordered new filter to be delivered tomorrow (£20). Luckily I read this forum before I undid it as my machine had water in it which I managed to get out with the mini hose next to the filter plug. How do I remove a stuck pump cap on my bosch washing machine? Our blockage was caused by a Nintendo DS stylus which also prevented the filter cover being opened. But thankyou very much for your useful information, it saved me a call out fee and the cost and embarrasement to get it fixed or replaced, and to think i was going to attack it with a drill and screw driver :) thanyou very much. it didn't tell me how to remove the filter? Same problem with my Bosch Exxcell. * *As compared to Perm Press Heavy Soil cycles without SpeedPerfect. Great webpage, I've got a logixx 8 and could not open the filter cap and getting the f18 error code. Washing machine was a Bosch WFL 2872 but the same procedure worked a treat. Wire from a Bra - same as others - inverted the machine pinched the clip retainer removed the wire and reassembled - machine now drains again. Great advise from all below. Eased the main belt across small pulley wheel while revolving it as it's edge was against the motor body. Now open the service flap and let off the water through the pipe. Fan heater and indicators not working..!!? Bit of googling will show instructions on how to remove it from below. It's a bad design for sure. - no wonder the machine had stopped working. I manually emptied the machine with the hose and couldn't get the drain cap off (it just kept on turning & turning) so we put the machine on its left side (as you look at it) and the cap untwisted with no problems. and today i stumbled upon this site:) this is the best piece of information ive heard in three years:) the amount of times I have tried to remove this thing in that time is countless. Turned machine on its side (pump uppermost) and took large inlet hose off. However if you have the Bosch Logixx 8, these no need to turn it on the side, simply remove one star screw and pop the remaining front base cover off to expose the main hose and clip. The baseplate on my Logixx 1400 Express was held on with rivets. Brilliant! Did the same as the Goldmans July 2012. Before refitting, I checked the concertinas in the large inlet pipe and found more limescale chunks and three coins (5p's). Probable cause pump blocked. omg i havnt been able to remove the filter cap for over three years. After detecting the problem with the drain pump (pump), the drain filter or the water level switch (pressure switch), we can carry out the repair. Hose is held in place with a clip, need multi-grips or large pliers to remove. But I took some advice here and gently and repetitively worked the cap back and forth. Next, unscrew the pump cover and fluff filter. We have a Classixx 1400, which has a bottom cover plate held on by 8X Torx20 screws. Brillaint, just fixed the problem as a direct result of your instructions. If draining problems with your front-loading washing machine coincide with an unexpected lack of … I managed to extract a sock which was causing all the problems! Thank you. Then I was able to clean all the threads for a tighter seal. First, unplug the washing machine and make sure that there is no power to it. matter resolved and just some mopping up to do. Thank you thank you Gusman (2008). Thanks Mikesmifff & Gusman for your answers. Once items were removed was able to remove drainage plug. I took the front bottom plastic front off while the machine was upside down and got at the clip on the big black pipe. I tilted the machine back so i could see the underside, removed the drain hose from the pump easily using a pair of pliers to hold open the clip. The other half of it was stuck inside the screw-cap thing of the filter which I was then able to remove. Same problem, hours trying to figure out how to get the cover open. Removed lower front panal, turned upside down for easier access. If your machine is not under warranty, and you would like to replace the pump, just click on this link of the video explaining the procedure on How to replace a Bosch Washing Machine Pump. Remove any blockage if necessary. Thanks for the answer. Thanks for this thread. DP did this for some friends of ours with a Bosch… Annoying! Mine was a logixx 8. It was totally clogged! I had exactly the same problem, couldn't turn the filter plug but I didn't want to break it off. oh I wish I had read this before attempting to resolve leaky machine my self, purchased a new hose (black rubber thing ECO sump hose £26 ), as this had water on it and couldnt see water anywhere else. Just to echo the above comments,10 min job,remove hose from pump,remove bra wire from pump housing,replace hose,reprimand wife. Turn off and unplug your washing machine. Before trying to locate and remove your filter, it is important that your machine is disabled. Other users of provide the answers. Then I reversed the whole process back to square one. We couldn't loosen the filter cover but tipped washer onto its left side gave it a few slaps & we were able to then twist it open to find a hair grip & drill bit ! Actually You do not have to dismantle the entire machine /pump (mine is mounted as tower with dryer). I am so pleased to have stumbled upon this page! Hey presto, there were the 2 super large hair clips holding back a torrent of 'gunk' - easy to pull out with some pliers and now working like a dream. Bosch washing machine – drain cap stuck plus fault code F04. I have turned on its side can feel stuff in the pipe feeding into filter but cant get good enough angle and view to undo clip etc. Couldn't remove the other hose so took the pump out still attached to the hose. All programs are working perfectly!PaulOct 2020. Then removing the hose was easy. We had 2 lolly pop sticks that were in the filter, causing the filter cover and the pump to become jammed. Disconnect the machine! then refitting is the reverse.... check for leaks.... job done.... best of luck. professional. The first time I bought a new filter. I have a Bosch Classixx 1000 and had the same problem, which I managed to fix with the helpful hints on this page. Hi JonI have front loading washing machine BOSCH which after turning on it does get stuck on the wash cycle without switching to the remove water and then spin cycle. Also found several years of limescale chunks. There was no base cover to remove. Wonderful! Had to take the back off - reach in to unclip the plastic clips holding the bottom "kick" panel. The instructions on this site helped us fix it in just 10 minutes! Thanks ... John, Worked for me too, EIGHT rusty hair clips removed, daughter is in trouble! and a hairgrip - were successfully removed using the "tilt it back and remove the drain hose" technique. These should be removed then thoroughly clean the filter. Many many thanks, as a single mum to 5 I just pulled mine apart and fixed it, working a treat! Cleaning the filter in your washing machine is very easy. The only cost to fix it was buying a T20 torque screwdriver (less than £5). TQ. The drum lids open too • The washing machine has not been used for a long time. Saved a call out and at replacement filter. The more detail and information you provide in your question the easier it is for others to help you. Unplug the appliance and check the filter. THREE MINUTES with your technique. Bosch washing machines with innovative technology can deliver perfectly washed laundry, every time. These categories may also be of interest ... Household Appliances, StairliftsHousehold Appliances, Steam CleanersHousehold Appliances, Steam IronsHousehold Appliances, Tumble DryersHousehold Appliances, Vacuum Cleaners Full list. I don't do responses on forums - but just wanted to say thanks for the info here as it sorted my issue completely. What u think, shld i repair or change new machine.