While Costco might be a prominent hot tub provider with brands like Vita Spas and Nordic, they, unfortunately, do not sell swim spas at the time. Overall, SwimEx has some of the most diverse models out there. The exclusive paddlewheel water current has 99 speeds with an 18” (46cm) deep current that can match any fitness level. Treadmill and deep well options. Side by side swimming. Coffee Roasters and Coffee Machine Service Centre All models made of separated objects and all made of quads. The pool has a 50” (127 cm) water depth for extreme versatility and power. Above are two examples Swim Spa Pools by SwimEx that use the new paddlewheel technology. Spacious flat floor. One-piece model (400 S) or can be delivered in sections (480 S). Constructed with a state-of-the-art fiberglass technique similar to high performance yachts and aircraft, SwimEx pools are beautiful, efficient and … The largest, most versatile pool in the SwimEx professional line, the 1000 T features a 99-speed adjustable water current, large still water treatment area, and three standard water depths. Treadmill option. This state-of-the-art aquatic swimming machine is the ultimate home pool. Built in the USA and sold worldwide since 1986, SwimEx pools are for customers who expect the best and are looking to improve their lives through the power of water. Those looking for a larger model might want to consider the SwimEx 1000S. Its also included a 3D model of the swimometer (speed control digital panel). Paddlewheel current. All the while, swim spa users can enjoy savings from what they would have spent building a pool. Read more Advertisement. 400 OS/480 S . We imagine the reason is those swim spas are fairly large and the logistics of selling them in the warehouse are a bit messy, we're not here to discuss the who's and why's. Three water depths. The versatility of the 1000s pool by SwimEx is shown in this home video. Rear seats. Triton . A jetted swim spa’s water resistance is inconsistent because there are only so many jets, and the resistance depth is only so deep. These motors give much better resistance then jet based swim spas but they are loud, generate a lot of turbulence and limit the types of swimming strokes you can use. Phelps is arguably one of the world's greatest swimmers, became popular throughout the market because of its cutting-edge airless jet system. SwimEx - 1000 S Series Swim Spa Description: The 1000 S swim spa is the largest, most versatile fitness pool. Users can choose between wide variety of interval training and endurance training modes with over 25 workout speeds. In case you need something much bigger, SwimEx makes the 1000 S – a multi-user swim spa that holds 7,700 gallons of water. The Swimex Pool Enclosure Range. Propeller current. It is worth mentioning that all Arctic hot tubs and swim spas come with smartphone integration, allowing users to adjust all of the necessary parameters from wherever they are in the house. Swimex Enclosures – Our Top-class Service. There are plenty of cool features to love when it comes to this one-of-a-kind spa company, including high-quality jets, LED lights, and supreme filtration system technology. Its also included a 3D model of the swimometer (speed control digital panel). To score yourself a deal on a brand new swim spa or hot tub while receiving the benefit of Costco's incredible return policy, we highly recommend attending a Costco roadshow in your area. There are popular swim spa brands like SwimEx or Endless Pool that use a fiberglass or steel tub. ... SwimEx makes residential and professional fiberglass swim spas that use a large paddlewheel to create a wider and … Treadmill and deep well options. Watch as two swimmers are able to perform the breaststroke side-by-side. About Swimex Swimex UK Pool Enclosures have almost 20 years’ experience in pool enclosure design and installation and over 40 years in the pool industry. Answer 5 simple questions and we'll help you choose a hot tub that's right for you. Prices start around $4,000. Jets: Narrow isolated streams of resistance SwimEx Paddlewheel: Waterflow is as wide as the pool Moves 250-500 gallons per minute Moves 25,000-30,000 gallons per minute.