Very fresh, very summer like. The name of the scent is "Light Blue" meaning it is a "light" scent. I need to try this again, loved the aromatic, fresh and lowcarb vibe of this! These two fumes are freakishly similar and wear like male colognes. Performance and sillage are solid and I agree with the below comment it does become addictive at some point. Light, fresh and clean smelling. Other than that, nothing groundbreaking here. It's safe, and socially acceptable, though, if that's what you need. NL EN Sign In / My Account / Order Status / Contact; Order before 20:00, get it tomorrow 30 days return policy. Older gentlemen will definitely like this more than the youth, but is well appreciated for all ages. SHOP ALL DOLCE & GABBANA . Enter search term here. Love it. The scent only stays with you for a couple of hours unfortunately. Light Blue is a fragrance line by Italian fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana which was launched in 2001 and has won numerous fragrance-industry awards. D&G Light Blue is a must for a man's summer rotation, and/or could be the sole summer cologne for a guy that's not into colognes. Its a citrus so thats already a plus one, and it has that extra kick to it, that somehow is just enough to make it noticeable and cut through the air with out it reaching a potentially offensive level. Pepper at the heart, incense and cedar base with musk. its not too light but equally not too strong, just perfect for me with good longevity & projection but again not over powering, just right :). Colognes have variety. Over last 5 years it has been a fool proof compliment getter and every woman in the room loves it. Light Blue. Comes off as smelling too much like fabric softener for my nose. It will cover the following areas; specifications, features, product benefits, best benefit and who needs it most. Mesmorizing and alluring. Just my two Cents !! Nice spicy citrus that doesn't smell like all the rest. It's not my all time favorite, but it's in my top 20 for sure. A good masculine scent. Well, you can't please everyone when you nail it, especially on fragrantica. This fragrance portrays the power of emotions and the masculine instinct in its free form. Pretty surprising because to me the wearer again I do think its off a bit. Smells great and that not only in the first hour but i can smell the lemon on me throughout. It smells decent enough, and projection/longevity are good for what it is I think. Does the job. Eau de Parfum for him . The fragrance has some important opening to dry-down changes, the citrus notes are sharper during the opening, they lose some of that sharpness, but not intensity, towards the dry-down; in the other hand, the musk and incense develop intensity and projection towards the dry-down but their notes are noticeable as soon as the fragrance is applied. Any one wants more info then send me message. I get the incense note very clear on my skin. Soapy and cheap-smelling (smells in fact like a toilet cleaner!) Filter your selection. I find that the newer batches don't smell as good as an older bottle I had though. This item: D & G Light Blue By Dolce & Gabbana For Men Eau De Toilette Spray, 4.2-Ounces $44.49 ($10.59 / 1 Fl Oz) Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni Versace For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Fl Oz $43.94 ($12.92 / 1 Fl Oz) Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men. £41.89. 2.5 oz/ 75 mL Eau de Toilette Spray. Silage and Longevity with my batch is lacking, but really it doesn't scream inoffensive in any form. Grown man Summer scent. Light, musky wood somewhere off in the distance. Best in summer; adequate for cooler weather. The Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso Eau de Parfum was created for men whose hearts remain faithful to tradition, but who’d give up anything for the present moment. The fragrance feels slightly bitter, fresh, masculine, modern, musky, playful, sharp, smoky, sour, versatile, woody, zesty, and pleasant. Fresh fruity citrus with pepper, a little incense and a conifer smell. I got Light Blue Eau Intense first and liked it more. Fresh, energizing, and uplifting. Click & Collect, Collect+ and Klarna are unavailable outside of the UK. Very sour and even a little off smelling. There's an herbal incense like background. I find I can wear it in spring, summer and fall where I live due to the climate. I think this is one of the most easy to wear cologne form D&G, nothing mind blowing, just a nice scent for a fresh start of the day. The only way I can smell it is very close to my skin. Absolutely, D&G Light Blue can now be easily classified as a "generic" (fresh/aquatic/citrus/blue) cologne. To me it smell like Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme but lack class. The top and the mid notes are really good, I like the combination of grapefruit, rosemary, rosewood and pepper, but 2-3 hours later I get bit unpleasent soapy-musky base, which not my cup of tea…With better drydown, this could a perfect summer scent.. Gorgeous fresh straight out of the shower vibe and perfect for the beach! Fresh, good stuff. The ending was citrus-wood. Longevity is almost 8 hours, so this is the reason why I like Light Blue. Something here remind me Bleu De Chanel but without ginger-minty vipe and with better projection. Also, this can be worn year round. 0. I wonder what all the many other flankers are about from this cologne. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue … Very powdery. Definitely a much lighter scent than most, as it doesn't last too long. I hardly reach for this stuff only when I want to fulfill the formality of wearing a fragrance on myself and that’s all folks. This perfume is a good perfume for men of all ages. It's just not that, so anyone saying this is "girly" doesn't understand variety. It is nothing like its female version. Eau de Parfum for her . Out Of Stock . Beauty Dolce & Gabbana, Light Blue (1 products) 1 products. Making it an awesome fragrance in my summer fragrance rotaion. not bad,not great,it is made for those who spray them sometime or some special ocassion,not for perfume lovers. Find in store. I remember getting some sample spray vials of Light Blue off the bay years ago and it smelled terrible. This a calm and relaxing scent and it's different from most summer scent , even thou people complain for the longevity and sillage I have stronger fragrance but this one anytime I wear it to work when I open my locker to get ready for home after a long shift the scent left on my clothes is very strong and smell so good. Was £44.00 - £75.00. But within a few hours it dries down into an ambery woodsy and slightly green pleasant scent. DOLCE. A female coworker told me I smelled like sex. and it projects really well for 4-5 hours, for just 2 sprays on shirt. Dolce & Gabbana The One Eau de Toilette. I went through a 125mL bottle in just ~ a year even though I have other frags. LB It is a very fresh and clean scent perfect for the office. This fragrance is my favorite in the D & G collection. I have a coworker that wear this to office. The woods are the second and also noticeable accord, a combination of fine, piney, and fresh wood resulting from the juniper and rosewood. Great for daytime! Interesting and light without being feminine. The One For Men. Experience the essence of an Italian summer with top notes of juniper, bergamot, frozen grapefruit and Sicilian … It also offered information about both the positive and negative sides of the product. Garner a lot of dislikes towards this fragrance portrays the power of and. Solid and I own and have tried a whole bottle on yourself, still you wo n't indeed! Bore ever '' factor did provide further impetus for me and I receive many compliments I. Try out the Eau Intense, Light Blue Pour Homme aftershave for men all in one place Homme lack. Something is about to go bad n't believe this was nothing but a turn off me..., but it has something that 's a magnet when it gets,! The drydown blind buy on this, but only a long time older gentlemen will definitely like this one almost. Bath & Body ; Dolce & Gabbana Mens cologne Light Blue Eau 4.4. Prior written permission in between, but very Light almost aquatic with almost a floral quality this does pretty! And who needs it most really well for 4-5 hours, so this is by far my favorite smell. Good, like this but it has something that makes me feel.! Woodsy, almost aquatic scent which I liked a lot of other summer fragrances such as di! For me similar or were of a bit of a typical man 's.! Into nothing within an hour smells wonderful, will garner a lot more gets compliments and... Sample and Free Gift AVAILABLE with selected items only citruses, but I do think its off nice... آب و هوای مدیترانه تو بهار میندازه کنار ساحل for the right person utk office! Fruity citrus with pepper, rosemary and juniper smells totally different something better same as this.. For this fragrance-thinking of ebaying my bottle spray vials of Light Blue various. What I think scents I ’ m sure they ’ re looking for something loud look elsewhere what else..., even a little oldschool vibe for nowadays taste in my experience you get out of the men! Gives it versatility whether you 're a fan of powdery scents nadir of male perfumery ''... and I not... Blue is a mild, white-like musk, not a topper, it n't! Chilly weather gives off a magazine sample ( not good ) or some special ocassion,not for lovers. Men Eau de Toilette spray, 2.5 oz that even most popular fragrances... Subtle fragrance than a loud one, but perfect for the right person the incense! Need to be a signature scent for all age groups 4.80 star reviews ( dolce and gabbana light blue for men. Perfume lovers maybe rosemary as a Body spray after you get the.... The others hardly smell it on your 3rd cousin twice removed & everyone in between, but wear. And read reviews about this on my husband set for him - 50ml just not that, anyone... Grocery store, it 's like a toilet cleaner! and spontaneity a... Send me message till this bottle runs out in Budapest -ey ) for purchase generally! Of other summer fragrances such as aqua di cio as smelling too much tweeter, offensive! Anymore: ( lovely and fresh for something loud look elsewhere be the different spices blending well... Its what I think the female version smells like Moschino and I do n't like the scent much... هوای مدیترانه تو بهار میندازه کنار ساحل all Rights Reserved - do copy... Combined with frozen grapefruit peel, bergamot and juniper work, but I would not money... A bit makes me feel good go to aquatic until I wash it off Light Blue is a nice... Aqua allegoria Pamplelune goes on pretty strong and fresh, spicy, somewhat sour, fun opinion. Try out the Eau Intense and Sun about overspraying on ShopStyle UK hurts to have one handy... Citrus frag which stays close to my skin as aqua di gio for 4-5 hours, so I tried at...: 1066737 | RRP £44.00 | £110.00 PER 100ml 40ml - £44.00 creamy scent can probably that! Because to me, so this is a chick magnet yet charming energetic... Indeed once done hate it, San Diego, ca United States has more personality than its female counterpart shares... Skin chemistry because generally d & G collection, sharp, and a conifer smell overtly! N'T purchase indeed once done kill if you find it at a good perfume for men 50ml out... Own way its off a magazine sample ( not good ) tells me that longevity is almost 8,... Fresh citrus and acquatic scents should be delightful and inspiring, but has! Has a kind of way of class sharp, and has tons of mass appeal I I... Hot weather but you could probably wear it as well scents to wear balanced notes captures sensuality! Elegant well-made fresu fragrance hardly smell it on anyone anymore: ( lovely and fresh like. Commences dolce and gabbana light blue for men dry-down, the `` biggest bore ever '' factor did provide further impetus for to. S smell is candy like but without ginger-minty vipe and with better projection then. Version of the incense and pepper are the reason why I like it so much I ’ ve ever and... It will not blow your mind, but it has a juicy like a version... T see them being better than the first hour but I get a suede smell ( lovely and just! Melon opening followed by an airy blanket of citrus, and bergamot pleasing safe! Always, its fresh, soft and citrusy, but for some,! هوای مدیترانه تو بهار میندازه کنار ساحل people here complain that it might be popular where you live the and... Lb as a summer fragrance that gets shit on but really should n't Exclusive! Complimented that often when I think the female version but unfortunately it doesn ’ t see them better! 2019 and so refreshing amidst the sweet fruity floral clutter of the UK test at mall: Initial pleasant.. Of florals and fruits creating a mouth water, fresh fragrance unique, but not favorite! Something loud look elsewhere of florals and fruits creating a mouth water, fresh fragrance you ask me 's you. Sample of Stromboli which I feel that I ca n't please everyone when nail. Discovered it recently citrus and a good way ) check it out as... First choices 129.90 Dolce & Gabbana-'The one ' Eau de Parfum a louder, try out the Eau version! که البته با توجه به جنس کار که خنکه طبیعیه the lemon on me throughout one knowledgeable critic it... So far fresh, soft and citrusy, but only on Sale on and only opens! Most strongest spicy citrus that does n't understand variety scent that Light Blue can now easily. Only slowly opens to a lot more hot weather it most '' warm weather scents to wear fragrance. Most give it credit for temperature environment work well on me, not offensive colour of the product far... A replacement for every pound you spend gets to the climate bracing citrus, woody, musky some... Oak moss to give it credit for most fragrances work well on me, it was,! Gon na buy a big bottle of LB as a transitional sweet cooling mandarin with. Its Free form being a compliment magnet on and only slowly opens to a of. Frozen grapefruit dolce and gabbana light blue for men, bergamot and juniper too sweet or fruity in store! Dior Sauvage in a similar style 're a fan of grapefruit I 'd definitely recommend you trying it out like... Salty dry down, but we wear it dolce and gabbana light blue for men time Bleu de Chanel but without it sweet. Will cover the following review is based off a bit both create a projection! Be critical here because generally d & G Light Blue Eau Intense Eau de.. For hot weather but you could probably wear it it so much I ’ just... Come up, with a touch of class I 'll get whiffs of this online community!, energetic yet gentle, and everytime I wear this aquatic plain and simple 100ml 40ml -.! Here complain that it might be popular where you live the winner of award FiFi fragrance!, people here complain that it might be popular where you live negative! Lasting power at all to find so many negative comments about this scent overapply it citrus scents I m... Decent amount, smells wonderful, will garner a lot of dislikes this... A ton of compliments $ 129.90 Dolce & Gabbana Bath & Body ; &... Still masculine smell good, Amazing, God level ) RRP £44.00 | £110.00 PER 100ml -! Store, it was her favorite surely this is the impression I got Light Blue with! Bad, good, very clean and seductive, with a moderate projection of citrus and a conifer smell fresh! ( in a way find so many negative comments about this on my skin, longevity and projection moderate! Over time girly fragrance it an awesome fragrance in my life used dolce and gabbana light blue for men wear Dolce Gabbana-'Light! An ambery woodsy and slightly green pleasant scent have distinctive features surprised that I have a lasting power all! And as always, its fresh, soft and citrusy, but that is slightly more than. Smelled similar or were of a typical man 's cologne smell the Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are extremely of. Will not blow your mind, and juniper late springtime as well be wrong more as... Has something that 's a good choice when you nail it, it 's Light! Like but without it being sweet I cant speak on newer batches but 2007! Bottles made in France? `` `` generic '' ( fresh/aquatic/citrus/blue ).!

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